5 Top Features to Look for in Self Storage Facilities

February 18th, 2021 in Tips and How-to's


We could all use more space around our homes. So when you’re looking for somewhere to store your extra items, self storage is the perfect solution. But some storage facilities are better than others. You’ll want to ensure you can access your storage units when you need to. And you’ll want to trust they’re secure.

If you’ve never used self storage or are unfamiliar with what they can provide, how do you decide? Well, besides being well-lit and clean, here are 5 top features to insist on.

  1. Customer service: some facilities use impersonal keypad entry but who knows who is all coming and going then. Look for a facility that has in-person check in, so you know who you’re dealing with, and they in turn know who their customers are and who should not be there.
  2. Security: this is one of the most important features. You’ll want to know your possessions are safe and secure at all times. The best facilities will have 24-hour digital surveillance of the entire storage facility, including parking lots, loading bays, storage aisles, and elevators. They will also have a security guard on site 24 hours a day. A secure facility will also use motion detectors and alarms for full coverage.
  3. Variety of units: the larger the variety and size of units, the more you’ll be able to get just what you need. If later you find you need more or less room, you can just move to a different unit within the same facility.
  4. Climate control: this protects possessions from moisture damage due to temperature fluctuations. This is a requirement for a number of different materials, like fabric and paper.
  5. Convenience: storage units should be available on a month-to-month basis with no access fees. Free parking and covered loading bays will help keep you and your belongings dry in our wet climate. Having quality packing and storage supplies available means you’ll have everything you need for a smooth experience.


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