5 tips to pack up your winter sports gear safely

June 19th, 2021 in Tips and How-to's, Seasonal


Winter sports are over for another year.Now it’s time to pack up your gear to make room for summer things. But what to do with it all?

Most winter gear is too awkward and bulky for your home closet. And heat, sunlight, temperature fluctuations and humidity present in  garages, attics or basements can damage your equipment, causing mould, rust, drying out, warping and deterioration. 

What your gear needs is a temperature-controlled storage unit. It’s the perfect solution for all those problems. Never stored your gear in a self storage locker before? Or you have and would like a refresher? Here are 5 tips to ensure your gear is properly stored and protected so it will be ready to use as soon as winter returns.

  1. Temperature-controlled environment . Humidity causes metal to rust, wood to warp and material to mould, so winter gear like skate and ski/snowboard edges, wooden toboggans, and boots need to be protected from excess moisture. Temperature-controlled (also called humidity-controlled) storage units will keep your gear at an even temperature at all times so condensation never forms.
  2. Wipe off all dirt, salt, and grime before storing. All items you intend to store need to be clean and thoroughly dry. 
  3. Wax skis and snowboards and store them in an upright position. Do not hang skis from their tips. Hang snowshoes from racks or hooks.
  4. Boots for skiing, snowboards and snowmobiling need to be buckled up to keep their shape. Wash and dry the liners before storing them.
  5. Skates should never be stored on ground or with the blade exposed to air. Open up skate boots to give them access to air.
    We hope these tips help. Give us a call if you have any questions and would like a quote on a suitable storage unit. We have 5 locations for your convenience.

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