5 tips on storing wool clothing

January 20th, 2021 in Tips and How-to's


While winter is in full swing there’s no doubt you’re getting the most out of your wollens. But with spring around the corner there’s no time like the present to think about how best to prepare these items for mini storage. You might be tempted to just stuff them in a bag and deal with them when you next need them. But wool clothing needs some specific considerations so it won’t be full of holes when you go to retrieve it.

  1.  Wash your wool sweaters before putting them into self-storage. Moths and bugs are attracted to the food, dirt, and oils on your clothes. Making sure your clothing is clean and dry will help keep these pests at bay. 
  2.  Stains also have a tendency to get darker and harder to remove the longer they’re around and may even discolour items placed next to them. Take the time to remove all stains before storing.
  3.  Wool sweaters are best folded before being packed away. This is the best way to ensure they keep their shape and don’t stretch. To avoid creasing wool pants, hang them by the waistband or pant hems by clamp-style hangers. 
  4.  Wool coats need to be thoroughly brushed before being put into storage. This crucial step removes dirt, hair and bug debris like eggs. Make sure to get into crevices like collars and pockets. Coats can be placed on hangers, then into natural material garment bags (like cotton)
  5.  Moths have always been the bane of wool clothing. Place lavender sachets or cedar blocks in your storage bins or garment bags. Moths are repelled by these scents. Also, avoid using moth balls. Not only is their smell hard to remove, it’s also been found to be toxic to humans and pets.


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