5 Tips For College Students Packing Up For The Summer

October 12th, 2017 in Tips and How-to's, Seasonal

college student storageBeing a student with exams, financial considerations, and other potential worries about the future is stressful enough without having to move out over summer as well. If you're a student, take some of the stress out of packing up for the summer by keeping unused items in storage units.

Storguard provides indoor storage in Vancouver, including Burnaby storage, which is available for any self-storage needs. Self-storage units can be rented on a month by month basis, making them ideal for student budgets and needs.

These clean, secure units make it easy to store and retrieve items at your convenience.

Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of this units and de-stressing the packing up process.

1.    Only pack things that you don’t want to use over the summer.

It seems obvious, but you should spend some time planning and organizing before you move your stuff into storage. Self storage is good for storing books that will not be used over summer, as well as large items such as furniture, mattresses and linens. Kitchenware, including plates, pans and cups. You may have a mini refrigerator or other kitchen appliances that won't be in use for a while. Clean them and put them in your storage unit until September.

2.    Label everything clearly and create an inventory.

Briefly write what's in each box on all sides and the top. You might then create a list of items in the box and stick it to the top.

In addition to this, it's wise to make a separate inventory of everything you are putting into storage. All this may seem like a hassle, but it can pay dividends when you can't find something or when you come to unpack. It's a lot better than staring at two dozen blank boxes and wondering which one contains the charger.

3.    Store books horizontally.

This protects the spines. Use small boxes, so your books can be lifted without causing injury. Store the heaviest books at the bottom of the boxes and store the heaviest boxes on the floor.

4.    Store clothes cleanly.

Wash clothes before consigning them to a storage unit. Reserve any clean, clear plastic boxes or new cardboard boxes for clothing, to avoid them being ruined over time by contaminants, such as food remains in old grocery boxes.

5.    Fill the available space.

Even the most economical storage unit might turn out to be bigger than it seems when you use all the available space. Make the most of your storage unit by storing items vertically and stacking whenever possible. Don't stack unstable or heavy containers too high. Stay safe.

With a Storguard self-storage unit, your property will be safe and secure, leaving you free to enjoy your summer, whether that means a big trip, a summer job, or just some time to relax and decompress from the school year.


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