5 Signs Your Storage Provider May Have Rodents

September 14th, 2017 in Storage

Rodent Free Storage in VancouverSelf storage unit operators in Vancouver will generally have invested much time and effort in the prevention of problems such as flooding, fire and theft. Another issue that requires attention is vermin.
Rodents are a problem storage units can be particularly susceptible to. Here are five signs that your Vancouver storage provider may suffer from a rodent infestation.

1.    Food and live plants
Most storage providers either forbid the storage of food and live plants, or require them to be kept in sealed plastic boxes. This measure is aimed at preventing pests. If your storage provider does not have such a policy in place, beware of rodents.

2.    Mouse and rat droppings
Look for these especially in the corners of your storage unit. Rodent faeces is of course a sure sign of the presence of rodents.

3.    Irregular cleaning
Does your storage provider offer regular cleaning of the communal spaces? If not, crumbs and other items that attract rodents may be left for lengthy periods of time. Even if no signs of rodent droppings can be immediately observed, animals may still be present.

4.    Gnaw marks
Rodents will chew their way through almost anything. If you spot gnaw marks around the edges of boxes and on furniture, this is likely to suggest the presence of rodents.

5.    Rodents visible
It’s important to keep in mind that if you observe one mouse or rat, there are likely to be many. Don’t let your storage operator tell you otherwise!

Staying vigilant and be aware of these signs of rodents in your local Vancouver storage facility. If you have any concerns about the presence of rodents, talk to the operator of the storage space.
Any reputable storage provider will be interested in preventing the destruction of your items while storing them!


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