5 fall cleanup tips for your storage unit.

September 20th, 2021 in Tips and How-to's


With the return of cooler temperatures and lots of rain, it has decidedly turned to fall. That means there’s likely several things that can now be moved into your self-storage. Seasonal Items like beach umbrellas, summer clothing, inflatable pools, jet skis, etc. can be exchanged for warmer clothing and Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations.

This seasonal exchange marks a good opportunity for a fall cleanup of your storage unit. You can check for pests or moisture, and purge anything that you don’t want anymore. You can also add some extra things to help with organization, like shelving, hooks and racks. Here are 5 fall cleanup tips for your locker.

  1. Dust. Storage units can get dusty so bring water and a rag to wipe things down. Don’t forget a dust mask too.
  2. Check for damage. In the event pests or moisture became an issue while your items were stored, you’ll want to address it first thing. Look for evidence of chew marks or mould stains on boxes, or light-coloured grit from moths in clothing bins or rust on metal items.
  3. Sell or donate. While you’re looking through your stored possessions you may come across things you now longer want. Adult or kids clothing that’s been outgrown, outdated electronics and toys, furniture that’s been replaced, etc. You can try selling them or take them to a church or thrift store donation box to be reused.
  4. Air out. Now is a good time to air out your items made of natural materials if they’ve been stored in an airtight way. Items like leather (jackets and boots), and wool sweaters need to breathe from time to time to remain in good condition.
  5. Shelving. Anything that helps keep your things organized will make more room and save you time when you need to find things again. Extra racks, hooks for hanging, and shelving will make the most out of the vertical space in your locker.


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