10 Storage tips for home businesses

June 20th, 2020 in Tips and How-to's

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Running a successful home business requires careful organization. Inventory, paperwork, tools and other necessary items need to be stored somewhere. At some point work-life inevitably intrudes upon home-life. When that happens, storage units provide the perfect way to balance and control your work/home environment. Here are 10 tips on how to utilize self storage to expertly manage your business.

  1. Move business or household items into storage. If your business materials are taking up too much space, move some into storage where they can be easily accessed. If business is heating up and you need more home-office space, move some household items into storage.

  2. Store extra inventory. There’s no need to keep everything you might need in your house when you can safely put it into storage. When orders come in, you’ll be ready to fill them with a trip to your unit.

  3. Seasonal inventory, craft supplies or items ready to sell at summer markets or winter fairs can wait in secure storage units until you need them.

  4. Self-storage is great for bulky inventory. By keeping samples on hand for customers, you can continue to make sales without crowding your home, basement or car.  

  5. Climate controlled storage helps preserve items sensitive to extreme heat, cold and humidity. These can include furniture, artwork, electronics, medical supplies and musical instruments.

  6. Paperwork is a part of doing business. When it needs to be kept for legal purposes it can grow and grow. A quick trip to your storage unit will keep your home free of clutter.

  7. Machinery and tools take up a lot of space but aren’t always needed for every job. Putting them in a nearby storage unit means they are always available but not in the way.

  8. Adding shelving helps to keep your storage space clean and organized. Labels ensure you can find things quickly and easily.

  9. Flexibility is a boon for home-based businesses to deal with the ebb and flow of the market. The ability to rent storage units on a monthly basis lessens the risk of your venture and provides the opportunity to make changes without a lot of overhead.

  10. Self storage is a safe, secure way to store your possessions with 24-hr surveillance and easy access.


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