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Yaletown Mini Storage

Storguard Self-Storage is a locally owned and operated company. The origins of Storguard started with Yaletown Mini Storage. This beautiful heritage warehouse was completely renovated to keep the character of this building alive in the downtown core.

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Storguard Vancouver

After having much success with this project we moved on to Storage on Terminal in another massive heritage building renovation. This beautiful red brick building is a thing to behold on any drive down Terminal Avenue. Not only a beautiful building it is also passing the test of time as it was originally finished in the late 1930’s as a Canada Packers building. After enjoying equalled success in our new facility and branching out into the Car Wash market opening Shine Auto Wash we decided to continue our expansion into Burnaby where we opened our third storage facility and second car wash.

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Storguard Burnaby

The Burnaby self storage project has some interesting similarities to our location on Terminal Avenue. The storage building on this property was originally a meat packing building as well for White Spot, but was far from a beautiful heritage building like terminal. This lot was taken as a challenge to build something we would be proud of in an industrial area that is on its way to being turned into a beautiful community. We look forward to supplying all the new high-rises and townhouses in this area the extra storage they need. We also added a state of the art car wash like terminal and outdid ourselves by building the largest 2 story car wash in Canada. This car wash alone is worth the drive to see how impressive this property is.

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Storguard Coquitlam

Our 4th storage facility opened in Spring 2018 in Coquitlam next to the Shine Auto Wash on the same site. This Coquitlam storage facility just east of the the IKEA in Coquitlam just off the highway and will have all the benefits of a brand new building that was designed for storage and not renovated for self storage.

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Storguard Richmond

Our newest location in North Richmond, under the Oak Street bridge between the Costco and Casino is a fully renovated building with state of the art unit tracking and keypad access. We also have drive up units that are accessible 24 hours a day.

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